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Are you looking for a simple ramble to discover the area, or do you wish to explore a more remote area of the islands?

Looking for a longer, multi-day hike with friends?

Do you want to take pictures in a remote location, or photograph wildlife?

I can organise your event and guide you there.

A few suggestions :


Discovery of the flora

Spend a night in the wild in the heart of Miquelon, Langlade or St Pierre

Discover the mornes (hills) of the archipelago

Watch sea and coastal birds on the isthmus and the shores of the Grand Barachois

Observe and photograph carnivorous plants

Enjoy the view from the Grande Montagne, the highest summit on the islands

Walk over the Langlade plateau

Picnic by the Pointe Plate lighthouse

Discover the views from the top of the mornes of St Pierre

Cross the island of Miquelon

or anything else you may fancy !

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