The Saint-Pierre and Miquelon archipelago, three islands with a subarctic landscape, a mixture of peat bogs, rocky hills, beaches, woods, meadows and cliffs... 242 km2 of hiking territory. You will come face to face with a wide variety of wildlife: seals, deer, birds of prey, Canada geese, warblers, carnivorous plants, orchids among many other species. From high on the cliff tops, you will see the whales blowing, ganets diving...

From the 1st of july to the 15th of september, for a break, click on one of the following options !

Adventurous hikes in the wild backcountry of the archipelago.

Explore the mornes (hills) of St Pierre or Miquelon, the West coast of Langlade , the isthmus and the "Grand Barachois".

Discover, take pictures of the fauna and flora of the islands.

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