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Here is the 2019 summer program

The detailed files of the treks are available by clicking on its name (for a french

version you can send me an email)

For others dates or personalized programm, it's entirely possible on request

Description : this is a 2-day hike, with an overnight bivouac. The first day will see you crossing Miquelon from West to East. On the second day, you will climb to the top of the Morne de la Grande Montagne, the highest summit on the archipelago. As you venture through the heart of Miquelon, you will discover the wealth and diversity of the island's natural habitats, and be carried away by the beauty of its landscapes!

dates: 3rd and 4th August


Participants:4 to 10


Description : A seven day trip for five days of hiking from two base camp. We will be in the middle of the wilderness, sleeping both in a rustic cabin and in the tents. The scenery of nwefoundland are beautiful and this option is the Opportunity to see it with a light day bagpack.

dates:16th to 22nd august

Participants:4 to 8


Description : This is a superb hike, a true physical adventure over 5 days with overnight bivouacs. The walk lets you discover totally unknown places of Newfoundland South coast. That's a nice trip for the adventurous!

dates:25th to 31staugustst (7 days including transport)

Participants:4 to 6


Adventures in the heart of the islands of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon and Newfoundland

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